Viewed favorably and used everywhere

There is no other system anywhere in the world that offers the dual function of "Charging and Parking". For cities and communities, but also for different industries and service sectors, EnergyParking presents a new source of income that finances itself – as well as a serious commitment to environmentally-friendly mobility.

Areas of application

Parking is everywhere – making EnergyParking of interest everywhere.

  • Cities send an unmistakable signal with EnergyParking to both residents and tourists
  • Hotels and restaurants offer their customers real additional benefits when parking
  • Supermarkets and shopping centers also raise their flag for the environment and differentiate themselves from their competitors
  • Companies show their employees and visitors just how serious they are about new ideas and a forward-looking approach
  • Parking facility operators like to position themselves as attractive and state-of-the art by offering EnergyParking
  • At motorway services areas, the concept provides new energy any way you look at it
  • Use for different vehicle sharing systems