Strong partners for a strong product

The telmasol consulting GmbH is a small but fine service provider in the telematics market segments and emobility. The solutions by telmasol are characterized by sustainability, quality, honesty, punctuality and partnership.

For almost three years ago telmasol is dealing with e-mobility. The impetus was the KYJOTO protocol which results in our commitment to form for future generations a world worth living and the remark of an OEM developer "we can develop electric cars, but if there is no infrastructure, it does not help us".

Our solution is EnergyParking® = energyparking® = EP.

The term EnergyParking® is a synonym, a solution of the telmasol GmbH. It includes all features known to be short-, medium-and long-term need for modular, sustainable and refinanced charging infrastructure.

EnergyParking® is the function of energy sales

EnergyParking® is the function of parking management

EnergyParking® is the function of the combination of energy sales and parking

ENERGYPARKING® is the function to park energy in an e-car

EP is the function of a platform for the use and allocation of AC, DC and inductive charging process

The owner telmasol GmbH has made ​​copyright registrations. We will also give you upon request further information.

Technology Partners:

  • ABB Stotz GmbH power components and smart metering
  • ABB Energy smart grid needs
  • SEW eurodrive for inductive load
  • ABB NL (epyonpower) DC charge